Sunday, 3 September 2017

fairy tale

Three Little Wolves And The Pig

One dark stormy night 2 lightning bolts hit the three pigs and the wolf. The wolf splitted and the pigs merged. The weather stopped it was time when the pig got his revenge to the wolves.

One day the wolves found this black purple portal thing . “whats is this?” questioned the wolf charly. “I don’t know,” replied wolf charlie. “I am going threw this thing,” shouted wolf charlee. “Wait for us said Charly and Charlie at the same time. When the got threw charly said, “what’s wrong with you?” “No what’s wrong with you charly?” asked charlie and charlee. “ I think we are in a Minecraft world!” Screamed charly.

“I’m mining,” said carlie. “Than I will explore. Answered charly. “I guess I will get wood then,” replied charlee.Then they made a 3 story mansion.

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