Wednesday, 7 December 2016

WALT : make a play


Characters names
Ben: 0 Assassin
Ayden: 1 Assassin
James: Vanoss
William: John
Aditya:Dodgy man AKA Tom
Aditya: narrator
James:Sound Effects
Narrator :Once upon a time there lived 2 assassins called 0 and 1 Assassin. Then they went in a alleyway and saw a dodgy man.

0 Assassin: Hey who’s there.
Dodgy man: Do you want a job as an assassin.
1 assassin:Sure.
Dodgy man : Ok then blow up this bank go now and you can take the money after.
Narrator: Meanwhile at the bank the assassins placed sticky  bombs all over the place and then they pressed the button money flew everywhere they gathered some of the money and ran. Meanwhile at the SWAT base.
John: Vanoss come here Quickly!
Vanoss: Okay  I‘m coming what's the matter?
John: The bank blew up!!
Vanoss:oh nooooooo  how could this happen. It killed the people that worked at the bank
1 Assassin:MWHAHAHHAHAHA. I’ve got the money
Dodgy man:Good ,very good
Dodgy  man: Now  kill the SWAT and steal their stuff,Oh and also get me some tea.
0 assassin: I will not get you tea but I will kill the SWAT though.
Dodgy Man:Give me tea or else
1 assassin:nooooooooooooooo!!!
Dodgy man: Ok.well at least kill the Swat
narrator :Then the 2 assassins went to the SWAT base and assassinated the guards .then all the alarms went off and then Vanoss and John were alerted.
Vanoss:I can hear the assassins coming,get out your  assault rifle
John : I’ve got my M60.
Vanoss :I see them in corridor five to my right
john You Can have my AK47 to shoot them.
Vanoss: Thanks
Sound effects: guns Shooting.
Narrator : John shot their master with the intervition with to cobra site.

The end ?


  1. I think I did good on my play with Ben,Ayden and James

  2. Next time I will work on bracets.