Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Why strategies are used in math.

Why strategies are used in math.

I need help with some of the math questions! What can I do? Ask a friend? I can’t. It’s independent work. I know, I need a strategy that can help me! After using this strategy, all the maths questions became so much easier and it seems like these strategies can help me forever!

How are math strategies used? Math strategies are used to solve or simplify questions when solving maths questions. This is widely used by other peoples like mathematicians, teachers and even scientists. When I grow up I want to be a mathematician!

Strategy time.question: 9 divided 117. What should I use? I will use reversibility. But what kind of strategy is reversibility? It’s a strategy that reverses division into what? What do  you think it might be? If you guessed multipacation you are correct! So we switched it. Then it will be 9 multiplied by ? =117 so we times the a place value number so I chose 10 because 20 wouldn’t make sense. Because multiplied by 20 is 180. So 9 multiplied 10 is 90 then minus 90 with 117. It is 27 now find the answer for it. It is 3. Then add the 2 multiplied numbers which are 10 and 3. It is 13, that is reversibility. So with my strategies I now know that 9 divided by 117 is 17

Subtraction is so hard, what is 509-300? I don’t know, I know I need a strategy again. But what strategy this time? Hmm  I know this strategy will be rounding and compensating. So round the 509 into 510. then do 510-300=210. Now we need to -1 because we added one from the start. That is rounding and compensating.  So the answer is 202 (whisper) it is actually 209

Now you should've learnt lots of things about math from me. Now from my senses you will probably, probably come  across a really hard question you should use a strategy.

By william

Time 3:10

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