Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Purple Group

Mrs Palliser

rainbow sheen,    slowly, side to side, gently
softly gracefully dance transparent
translucent sphere rotated
rushing river of bubbles connected
the bubbles clumped together like a family hugging
slimy like a snail dancing like a ballerina
swirly lines of rainbow through them
soft and cold
gooey and wet
twirl up to the ceiling like a spiral
quiet, peaceful, float up like a balloon, twirl up like a snake
twirl up like a spiral staircase,
as round as an orange,
bunched together like popcorn bunch of grapes

Mrs Palliser

Pop. Pop. Pop. The round rainbow spheres rotated like the world was spinning. Some of the bubbles clumped together like a family hugging. Some were tiny and others were huge. They gracefully danced like a ballerina. Soft yellow and pink colours swirled around through the transparent bubbles. Shiny, they glowed like stars in the night sky.

Gooey, soapy mixture landed on my small fingers. It was as light as a feather. Pop. Ouch! One bubble dropped in my eye and it was burning. I held my hand over my eye to stop other bubbles going in. I reached up to get another one. It was as sticky as honey and foamy like dishwashing water.


Pop!Pop!Pop!The transparent rainbow spheres where as shiny as a window just cleaned. When Ms Palliser blew the bubbles I saw bubbles what were hugging each other like a family. The size of the bubbles were huge and tiny. Some of the bubbles were flying up and down. The huge ones popped first & the tiny ones popped last.


Pop! The transparent spheres danced around the classroom.  The bubble conjunct together.  The rainbow transparent sphere land on the ground softly. Thubbles were soft and cold.  

Bubbles in Room 7
!pop!,pop!,pop!,!pop! As Mrs Palliser blew the rainbow spheres everyone was discovering the possibilities of them. They were looking like spheres with rainbow swirls in them. When they were bunched together they looked as if they were transparent grapes. Smaller bunches of them looked like the popcorn we find at the cinemas. Once Mrs Palliser blew the bubbles we all realised that no one could resist to pop them or just say a word about them. When they were gliding in the sky they came in a lot of different sizes, some were huge and  some were tiny but they were all looking the same. Each one was filled with elegance.

The bubbles were very very soft and foamy. They also felt a little bit wet and they were definitely cold.        


pop,pop they are everywhere! as the rainbow sphere
dances gracefully through the air. There were some that were clumped together like a the big family hugging and some were like tiny little wet balls. The bubbles were SO shiny they had colours in them ,the colours were pink ,green and yellow .When miss Palliser blew the bubbles we just had pop them !

Sticky!! as the soapy bubbles pop on my hands


The bubbles drop everywhere in the sky like an raindrop.The bubbles look like the a

Slowly and gracefully the round rainbow spheres float around Room 7 .The bubbles move slowly side to side making a rushing river of bubbles.The bubbles stick  together and then look like a family hugging .Their shiny light brightened up the whole room.

Pop. Pop. Pop. bubbles gracefully swirled and danced. They were  colour of the rainbow sphere.The soft colours were Red,Orange,Yellow,Green  

Transparent floating in the air. so shiny glowing it’s like a rainbow floating  across the the world the bubbles are twirling like chips they have blue pink dark green and soft yellow those colors were in the pretty bubbles some bubbles are huge and Ginormous and some are tiny winy they feel like oil


spheres,spheres spheres all around, spheres over there, spheres over here. oily spheres everywhere . there shiny glow gave me a delight, but there oily splats gave me a fright. they went up to the ceiling or down to the floor, then wait for it...POP! they elegantly floated across the room like a hippopotamus swimming in the water.

I reached to the sky to

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