Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Pokemon explanation

WALT: write an explanation about  how to play Pokemon on Roblox

First go in Roblox and press pokemon. The pen press new game. Professor Oak will talk so press next.

Then use the circle to move to professor Oak. Next tap or click him. It’s all the series expected Pokemon XY & XYZ. The starters are Bulbasuar,Worturtle,charmander,Mudkip,Torchic,Treeko,cheekoreeta,todile,Dewot,snivy and Tipig.I started with Treeko a grass type Pokemon. I will tell you the evaluation of Treeko. 1 Treeko 2 Grovyle 3 sceptile.

To do a battle you got to press fight and use a move. “ Treeko us Absorb”.

Let’s jump to the gym leaders. The gym leaders are Brock a Rock type,Misty a water type,Lt .Surge a electric type,Erika a grass type,Koga a poison type,subarina a psychic type,Blanes a fire type ,govanni a psychic and a fighting type and Gary the champion minthical type.

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  1. This is interesting writing William. Make sure you carefully read it, and self check and partner check before publishing. Make sure you are clear on the difference between an Explanation and Instructions. An Explanation 'describes' something whereas Instructions tell you 'how' to do something. Your explanation is actually instructions.